Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giants to Miniatures: Exciting OLED Displays

At this year’s Display Week are several OLED products -- some brand new and others introduced earlier this year -- that are all very stunning, whether in large or small screen sizes.

In the Monday business conference and also during the keynote address by Samsung Display Co. CEO and President Dr. Kinam Kim, it was emphasized that AMOLED is driving revolutionary changes in the display world. With the opening of today’s exhibition, visitors can see for themselves what these displays look like.

LG Display is attracting a lot of attention from visitors with its full HD AMOLED TVs -- extremely large objects of desire for end users. LG's 55-in. curved 3D OLED display is just 4 mm thin. With this product demonstration, LG illustrates what is possible with OLEDs in terms of shape and design freedom. The company's flexible OLED screen likewise illustrates these design possibilities.

What is feasible in miniature is being demonstrated by eMagin, with its OLED microdisplays that are smaller than a stamp yet have a resolution of 1944 x 1224. These microdisplays can be used for virtual reality headsets employed in computer based 3D simulation and training, medical imaging, night vision imaging devices, and more. --Sven Murano

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  1. this is a tech, that dispatch positions could use. light weight information display, for a wearer, that moves from dispatch position to dispatch position in rotation, can be updated by visual cues. big screen information overload in dispatch areas is a "imo" NO NO. this looks very promising.